Recipe for Launching a Dream – Ask for Help

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Some day, in the near future I hope, someone will ask how it all started – and I can send them here. No really, how many of us have “Dreams” and they just stay floating around in our heads – nice and safe?!  Too many.


Well, I’m a big believer that the purpose of my existence is to learn.  I came to Earth in this physical body to explore, fall down, get up, and Evolve.


I did not come to work from 9 to 5 so that I could buy a house and a car. Been there – done that. Nope, definitely not my purpose.

I may have come to travel, experience new cultures by tasting their food, talking to their people, and observing how they lived. Did that too – and still am – but that’s not it either. It’s only part of it.


I now realize I’m here to expand my awareness, and hold space for others to learn and grow in the way that they need to do that.

Although there are several labels for this: coach, guide, teacher, consultant, facilitator, parent, friend – none of them fully encompass what it means to do your own work in service of others. People aren’t used to holding opposites together.


How does working on yourself help others? It sounds selfish – at first. And then, when you start becoming more aware of your own feelings, your own needs, your impact on the world around you – you GET it.


Light bulb moment.


When we really notice how we feel, how we move through the world, how we impact and affect others, that ripples over to how we begin to see ourselves. And that changes reality.


So – to bring this back full circle – I’ve known for some time that I needed to do something … bigger. I didn’t know what. I didn’t know how. I didn’t have a word for it.


And then several things came together all at once – as they do.


I inherited land in my beloved Alaska (my Heart Home).


Then I had a 2 week vacation in the French Alps by myself – doing only the things I loved. (For a single mom, this was a major luxury!)


Then I met someone a month later who talked about an amazing retreat/event/program he’d experienced called “Alptitude” in the French Alps. In the same. Exact. Valley.


Coincidence? Nope. That was the Universe talking.


Brene Brown: “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” 


The DREAM was born 8 years ago, as I was finishing my coaching certification. A friend encouraged me to take my coachees outside, since I was hiking and biking all the time. Over a glass of wine it expanded to Vision Quests! Wow – wouldn’t that be cool! I could call it, “Alps to Alaska!”


And then the wine wore off, and daily life came back, and I put the Thoughts aside.


But the Thoughts all came back in that little alpine valley in France.


And they evolved.


Now – they are picking up momentum.


And here’s the IMPORTANT PART. They might still just be plans in my journal, but I did something brave.


I asked for help.


I posted on my Facebook wall “Any Alaskan friends know of a great place to host a retreat-type event?”


The first responses sent me to church centers, lodges for weddings, and exclusive retreat centers. Not what I was looking for – but that was ok. The important thing was not necessarily getting an answer – it was starting the conversation!


I suddenly had friends and connections all over asking me what the heck was going on. What was I planning? Could they join me?

The more I had to talk to other people about it – the better refined my dream became. The more I got to explore what the heck Alps to Alaska was supposed to be – the more clear I got about what it HAD to be.


So – this is how you start living your dream: Put it out there. Tell someone and then ask for help. You don’t have to know exactly how you are going to do it – this will unfold and evolve.


You just need to offer it up. And let others in. Share your Dream.


Join us in the French Alps or Alaska and get your own dream rolling with the support of an amazing community!


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