Recipe for Launching a Dream – Invite Others Into Your Mess

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There has been a quote that keeps springing to my lips when friends complain about negative reactions from others – or talk about some expected disapproval.


“Those who matter won’t mind. Those that mind – don’t matter.”


It’s become my personal little internal mantra when I started putting Alps to Alaska out there. Of course I’ve had people look at me with “kind eyes”. Those eyes that are scared to death that I’m going to loose money, or that I’m wasting all my time talking, blogging, and developing something that no one will show up to experience.


It’s nice that they worry for me, but I’d prefer that they get excited with me. That’s the kind of energy and spirit I want fully propelling this project forward. It’s why I always refer to it as a Passion Project or a Heart Project.


Passion and Heart energy is THE energy I want embedded in this whole thing.


So I keep inviting others in. New logo? I used 99 Designs to launch a contest – challenging (begging) the designers to think outside just sending me mountains! And I ran 4 polls. Yeah – FOUR.


The first one I posted on Facebook and sent to a number of email contacts.


The response was enthusiastic and immediate. People really gave thoughtful comments and had clear reactions.


The second poll, it was getting tougher as designs got more similar, subtler in their ideas. But people still responded. Sometimes even the same people.


The third poll, it was the last chance to refine and nail my vision – and although I was almost certain what I wanted, it still mattered to me if others “got it” and saw what I saw. There were fewer responses – but still some loyal few or others who just stumbled upon this “last chance to chime in!”


I took all of their comments to heart. And thanked them for it. (Because, acknowledgement is pretty important, ya know?)


The fourth and final poll was for the font of the brand. I know – some may think that I should just own it and pick one. Woman up.


But – well, the spirit behind this whole project is about tuning in, and using others as a kind of tuning fork. And it worked – brilliantly. I was initially drawn to 3 of the 6 fonts, but wasn’t sure why. As people weighed in and voted, I also refined my own thinking. In the end – what sealed the deal was one, well written, heart-felt, and instinctive comment. It said, “I like no. 6 – reminds me of the Inuit language in spirit.”


That. Was. It.


That was the intuitional nudge I needed to make the right decision.


And I love the logo. And it was birthed by collective intention and people sharing their energy and thoughts.


And the willingness for me to put it out there – messy and chaotic. And the right people showed up to the mess. They always do.


Ready to join us? Check out the events or write me a quick email for a chat! (I bet you're the right people.)

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