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Interesting statistic: Decisions which draw upon group participation to foster execution succeed 80% more often. Put another way: when you have a group of people gathered around a decision, you are 80% more likely to succeed!


Why? Perhaps because you have:

a) more people to bounce ideas off of, which will find blind spots or assumptions

b) multiple accountability — lots of people who can check that things are getting done


Let’s face it — Humans are social creatures, we need each other. We are connected in a web of dynamic complexity. We influence and impact each other in often unimaginable or inspiring ways.


Though most of us get our brilliant ideas in the shower, or just before we fall asleep — those ideas stay dormant until we voice them to another person. This, in turn, starts a very important chain reaction of:

IDEA! → Question? → Answer. → Emotional reaction. → Re-think, adjust idea. → Question/Reaction. → Action!


The process of idea refinement into action and then accomplishment has so many ways of getting side-tracked, derailed or distracted. It could be anything from outside criticism, to internal self-sabotage. And yet — there are a lot of people doing great things.


Actually manifesting their ideas.


How do they do it? Well, for sure it is not Alone.


“Two heads are better than one.” It’s an old saying because it’s a slice of the Truth.


We need each other to be better. (And that is true even when we wonder why we have to work with these idiots.) The more different our team members are, the more often we may find ourselves in conflict due to expectation mismatch or simple miscommunication.

However, we persist working in teams because we consistently experience greater success and easier work flow when we do things this way. There have been hundreds of studies to prove it.


Just look at the flourishing phenomenon of Mastermind groups, for one. Or the Makers phenomenon.

What we are now seeing — especially with the help of the hyper social connecting going on — is that we can find a group of people who are diverse to us and simultaneously value what we value. This, in modern terms, is called a Tribe.


From the Urban Dictionary:

"A group of friends that becomes your family."


 "The people that will be there for you no matter what and who you’re guaranteed to have a good time with. Although people may not understand how close they are and their relationships with each other, it doesn’t matter because they all understand it and love each other."


 "Once a tribe is established they stay together forever."


Tribes form when we humans have a deeply bonding experience. The experience could be day-to-day context or a singular shared event — like at a retreat or an excellent team project.


These are people we’ve built a shared context with — we understand each other’s motivations and can quickly test and confirm our assumptions. Because of this, we feel safe enough to take risks, and that let’s us be more authentic.


Being authentic uses less energy — in fact — it actually creates energy. And the more energy you have to put towards achieving your goals — the more likely you are to accomplish them.


So — the case for finding your Tribe rests on:

1) Deep connection that helps you feel safe.

2) Feeling safe at this level encourages authenticity, which increases energy.

3) You also will take bigger risks because you feel safe.

4) You’ll follow through because more people will ask you how it’s going and check on your progress.


Ultimately, all of which supports the research that says ideas that are supported by a group of people are 80% more likely to succeed.


So, what are you waiting for? If you have an idea that you want to succeed — it’s time to find your tribe.


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