Why We Are Starving for Connection

After a forage hike near Chantemerle - photo by Peter Kappus
Gorgeous spread after a foraging hike. So much right under our noses.


In our world of über social networking, where there are new offers showing up every day through MeetUp, Facebook, and InterNations to meet people  - it's not just a signal that we are yearning for connection, perhaps it's a warning sign that we are not getting what we need.


Don't get me wrong - I love living in this time of super fast information sharing and exchange. I love having access to all the learning that others have done for themselves on healthy eating (goodbye gluten and dairy!), travelling safely, dealing with deep social issues (gender identity, conscious consumption) and environmental sustainability. It's amazing. It's beautiful.


And it's exhausting. 


It's too easy to sit with your phone or tablet and get lost in the information buffet. It's like being on a cruise ship with an endless 24-hour buffet of all the foods and experiences you've ever dreamed of - and forgetting you can get off the ship to eat real food once you hit the shore. You get stuck on the artificial bubble and lose track of what is actually nourishing. (No slam on the cruise industry intended.)


But only our minds have lost track. Not our hearts. Our souls are consistently telling us that we need more. More being around people, experiences, places, that tap into what makes us alive. That get our bodies moving. That wake up our senses. That remind us of what's meaningful.


Not just meaningful to someone else - we get to see that on social media. The way to discover what is truly, uniquely meaningful for ourselves to experience something for ourselves. Through our own senses. Real time.


And we need more time with these experiences. Not sound bites. Not visual nibbles. We need to soak in them for a few days, at minimum. Which is why the other thing people talk about all the time is wanting more time. Time to do things they enjoy. Be with people they love. Learn new things. Get more done at the office. (As much as it pains me to include, you KNOW this is true.)


Maybe you've noticed the awakening of minimalism, essentialism, of the simple life. If not - it's time you noticed.


People are waking up to the fact that, while we cannot create more time, we can create more space. By creating physical space, we create mental space - and then magic happens. We end up reclaiming time! (These two magicians of minimalism are worth looking into: The Minimalists.)


While the easy place to start is by getting rid of things that don't serve a purpose (yes, if it brings you joy - it does serve a purpose - so don't go throwing away everything), you can also do this digitally. People are doing monthly digital detoxes (going off social media for a month, for example) and noticing some wonderful side effects. (I'm going to do mine next month - February 2019 - post sure to follow.)


Where is real connection?


The reality is getting painfully clear. Social media is a great tool for information sharing. And many have fallen into the trap of using it to replace the work of real connection. Actually forming attachments to people that can create more meaning. Creating trusting, safe, enriching relationships.


Alps to Alaska is one of many events that are a result of this craving for connection to other people. To ourselves. To a gorgeous planet. There are more and more of us who want more than what a traditional conference or a retreat offers. We want time to learn from others and replenish ourselves and to sustain both the learning and nourishing beyond the event!


The power of technology allows us to do this. To connect over distance and time zones and lifestyles. And a shared experience of time and triumph and learning is powerful adhesive for social creatures like humans. It build the vehicle we'll travel in together over changing seasons, jobs, or life phases.


It's time to detach from the mental crutch of social media and start filling up with true connection. 


Apply now for an exploratory conversation. Time to find true connection.




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