Member Highlight July - Meet Kristina

Kristina surrounded by her new tribe - with an elfish grin and a sparkle in her eye.
Kristina surrounded by her new tribe - with an elfish grin and a sparkle in her eye.

How would you describe yourself?

HR business partner who is currently working with a global pharma concern, world traveller, mother of twins, status quo disrupter!


What story or experience has stuck with you from Alps to Alaska – moment that is still with you?

That first evening we took a walk, where we were on a road and then turned around and there was Mount Blanc! I have a clear memory of the connection I had with people – the environment was so beautiful, calming and inspiring. That evening I felt a balm. I was interested to see what would happen.

The conversations, being outside and meeting new people, finding connection points in that environment stuck with me.

The impact was really this: mechanistically it was a great way to build connection on multiple levels. The feeling we get when we’re on the outside versus inside the body. In a different context there are different neurons firing, so the things we did outdoors were really powerful for me. (It’s just so not standard!)

Also – I’m not really a group person. If I’m bound there, I’m more inclined to push against the structure, Yet, I actually have a deep and abiding appreciation for these people (the ones I met at Alps to Alaska).


So, what 3 words would say sum up your experience?

Connection (because that’s obvious), Unstructured (structure on it’s own, but can be shaped and changed), Building (because I was in on the ground floor!)


Anything else you want to share?

Yeah, I really liked the open space sessions – to learn something new, because I’m interested in acquiring knowledge that I can’t get just by reading. And it needs to be knowledge often in the physical experience of learning. That really sticks with me.


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