Member Highlight January 2020- Meet Apiromraj

Ampimorage on top of the world.
Still smiling after a hot, hard, 2.5 hour hike. Maybe it's the fondue and Mt Blanc in the background?

How would you identify yourself? 

I’m very curious, I am looking to be inspired so I can live my dreams. My background is in chemical engineering. I have worked in both consumer products and pharma as a scientist. I love to invent things and am always looking for new discoveries, or new ways of doing things.  I have several patents and I love writing stories and bringing color into everything that I do. I want to make a difference in the world and to help people see the good in themselves.


You’re a returning tribe member - what stories do you share most often from your experiences?

Every time I think about A2A, I remember the first one where we foraged in the woods, and the exercise we did with the tree. It was so grounding, and it left such an impression on me.  It helped me feel like we are all connected. 


From this year, the yin yoga, singing bowl and drumming exercise left me with the lovely feeling of being grounded once again.   I also remember the time some of us got lost after returning from the hike. I was following the navi - but it took us up a completely wrong road. We were all nervous, but I liked the energy. We were all present with what was happening and it helped us get home.

But this is how life is.


I actually love how things don’t always go as planned. For me, seeing how things happen, and how everyone is able to adjust based on what’s needed - it’s so real. Sometimes we expect things to go as planned, but the real magic happens when you let go and accept things. We just trust.



If you got up with the sun, you would find her ready to join you in welcoming the day.
If you got up with the sun, you would find her ready to join you in welcoming the day.


What three words best describe the value you get from the retreat and the online community?

Genuine. Support. Inspired.


Is there anything else you want to share from your experiences?

I really appreciate being able to connect with others who compliment my immediate universe and being part of a tribe with similar values. We all work in different areas, but we all have similar needs. To be part of a tribe that will support us in what we feel is most important to us as we grow into it - whatever that is.

I feel like I can always be myself. I feel safe enough to be authentic.


What more did you get out of the retreat coming back the second time?

Having gone back the second time, strengthened the belief in myself - that I could follow this path. That I could accomplish my dream of creating more mindfulness in the world. Whether its at work, at school, or at the grocery story with people I don’t know. It comes from the inspiration I got from both retreats. With my job, my kids - the days just go by.


My mindfulness intention has always been out there, but having been to both retreats I am now following my intention more intensely. I feel more present then I have in a very long time.


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