Find both a space to explore and a place you belong

2nd - 7th September 2019

We'll be close to hiking trails in this cozy chalet on a ridge over looking the valley. The area is famous for skiing and ice climbing in the winter, but in the summer it comes alive with para gliders, mountain bikers, river rafters and climbers...


 August 2020

We'll be 1 hour from Anchorage but in the heart of a gorgeous glacial valley, near a river and extensive hiking trails. The area is famous for its recreational opportunities in both winter and summer - but without the crowds or traffic!


This experience is open to everyone!

Join Susanne and a group of other diverse people from around the globe. We'll come from different cultures, professions, backgrounds, and ages and bring our fresh perspectives and unique experiences together.


These events are accelerators for personal growth and development. It's perfect if you’re in some kind of transition – or you’re feeling ready to transform and know you can’t do it alone. But it's up to you to take action and responsibility for what you get out of our time together.


To become part of a tribe and to have an automatic sense of belonging with like minded people.  Once you have become immersed in the wild of nature, you will find that it is THE best place to deeply connect (or re-connect) with your inner and outer resources

"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with"


  • Pre/Post online community sessions to welcome and sustain connection
  • Healthy, fresh meals where co-­creation and connection are the focus (we'll plan these together!)
  • Open space learning and exchange sessions every day so everyone gets focused support on their own topic
  • Daily yoga or meditation (whatever the group brings)
  • Afternoon hiking, biking, fishing, rafting – weather dependent and based on what you feel like doing
  • Creative outlets (we’ll organize this together before hand)
  • Plenty of individual reflection time & mental space to get grounded
  • Local experts who’ll share deep knowledge about the natural world around us
  • Accountability partners who’ll keep you on track once you head home
  • On­‐site coaching and extra support for individual projects




2nd - 7th September 2019


5 days





*Covers location and food

**Flights and Travel to and from the event , as well as extra activities

not included



log cabin in the woods


August 2020


5 Days





*Covers location and food

**Flights and Travel to and from the event , as well as extra activities

not included


* German residents, please add 19% VAT - the government wants its slice of the fun!



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Classes always "in session" - enrolling new tribe members now! Come get to know us.

You can meet current tribe members, hear their stories and ask your questions about the events and the community!


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To get the Zoom link to join the calls contact me directly: susanne@seemoreflow.com


Comments from our tribe

"Thank you for creating this space for us to grow, commune, and dream for what's to come."

- Tara Phillips


"What an amazing and inspiring experience. I have renewed energy."

- Rebecca Giger


"The magic of visiting the inner and opening to the outer with wonderful beings.  Just the beginning..."

- Corinne Lemercier


"The antidote to energy gone and muck...found balance through learning and a killer environment. Merci!" 

- Georgette Verdi

"It's wonderful how you created an environment where everything anyone wanted to do was the "right" thing. It was impossible not to feel like one was contributing, learning, and exercising good self-care in the process, whether it meant spending more time journalling, eating another chunk of chocolate, or staying a little longer in an Open Space session. I think this is really the mark of a great coach & community-builder!" 

- Peter Kappus