The organizer

A little more about me...

Hi, I'm Susanne Taylor. I was raised in Alaska, and when I was younger I didn't really understand how mysterious and wild my backyard seemed to others.  I was annoyed when people asked if I got to school on dog sled or ate whale blubber (gross!), and I didn't realize what a special place Alaska was until I got older.

My parents were from Colorado and Austria, and raised my sisters and I with a nice mix of self-reliance and social graces. We could change all the fluids and tires on each car and navigate a formal place setting at a fancy dinner. We were equally happy playing hours in the snow (creatively booby trapping our snow balls with moose droppings!) or trekking the halls of European castles and cafes.  My wandering spirit led me far - even to Japan and Taiwan, and ultimately to Munich, Germany.

Mountains and Change have been the constant themes in my life. Connecting and integrating the various cultures in my family, it was natural for me to build a career as an intercultural coach and team developer.

I bring my clients out into nature as often as possible, and in 17 years have never - ever - had someone tell me, "Being outside was a horrible idea." The opposite in fact - they come alive.

I work with global firms going through culture change, and I've noticed while coaching leaders, the profound effect of being in nature has on enabling a perspective shift. Offering independent retreats and workshops in Munich the last 10 years, I've seen the increased desire for people to connect with each other, and experienced what bringing diverse people together has on finding magical solutions. Teams and groups of people working together really do make amazing things happen in the world.

One brilliant way to do this when time is short is to use OpenSpace (see the FAQs for more information on that exactly this is!) My first OpenSpace conference was so energizing I didn't leave the building for 3 days - and that's saying a lot coming from an introvert. Now, I can't imagine learning any other way

After living in Europe the last 10 years, slowly making this my home and being nurtured by the mountains nearby, I'd love to share what I've learned with others. Nature is the key to living a fuller, richer, deeper life. Growing a community will enable us to sustain the seeds that get planted.  

And if you need to know more about me or my professional credentials - you can check out my corporate website: CFlow or my profile on LinkedIn.

What others are saying...

"I've done similar exercises before. Never did I go as deep as this one and never did I feel that my results were so fitting!" Elke Esders/ Intregaltogetherness, Germany


"Susanne’s work with me has changed my life. I left my job for 3 months and went to South America, one of my biggest dreams. This decision has resulted in other ones which changed my life completely (new job, leaving a relationship of 10 years, new friends and experiences, and starting to love myself for everything I am).  She inspires me and others – this for me is the most enriching thing in the world!!!!"

– Kerstin G./ International Product Manager, Germany


"Coaching with Susanne, my sense of direction got clearer, my confidence stronger. She inspired and motivated me, she helped me see perspectives I could not see. She helped me weave the possibilities together, instead of excluding some. Susanne centered me and equipped me with the courage to follow my passion - in spite of my sometimes negative outlook on things."

 - Antimo C./ Onwer and Creator of Voomago - a new way to travel, USA (formerly Italy)


The quick answer: Highly skilled, deeply experienced coach and change facilitator.

The better answer: A connector, people and idea bridge person, nature-lover, transition coach, transformation enabler - all those things and, of course, that's only scratching the surface. At the moment it's me, but using the power of my amazing global network - it is quickly become "Us". The "us" will be a truly dynamic and resource rich collection of individuals from all over the world who are ready to leverage their knowledge, skills, life-experience, and passions in an alchemical launch of this unique event. And - each other.


The quick answer: Accelerator for personal growth and development that is sustained in the REAL world afterwards.

The better answer: A way to spring over all the excuses to be better, do better, live fuller and happier - and DO it. To silence all those voices from your imposter that tell you that if you just had more time, more money, a different job, and better partner, a new car, took another class , you'd be happier, life would be better. It's bringing a hand picked group of individuals from all over the world - cultivated to maximize the diversity of interest, personal skills, strengths and potential contribution to the community - to make Magic. And to make sure it stays with everyone when they go back into the "real" world. Because you'll be taking a new "normal" home with you. 


The quick answer: Because - really, why not?! Come on, who has not dreamed of visiting these amazing places?

The better answer: Alaska is still truly wild and it's the closest we can come to deeply connecting with our inner and outer resources. Few other places inspire the awe that this land of expansive sky, gigantic mountains, walls of glacial ice, and abundant to wildlife does. It's still raw. We can become truly reconnected to Nature - no planes flying overhead, no mobile phone reception. No distractions. The Alps are an easier place to start for many, not to mention closer and less intimidating. Either way - both locations were specifically chosen because they are the perfect places to be inspired, challenged, and to connect with what's inside us - and each other.